Keepsake Storage Auctions

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We currently use for our online auctions. When we have live auctions we will send out email alerts to those that have subscribed and advertise on Facebook. Contact Us if you wish to be added to our auction email list.

You can visit to search our active auctions. Change the search dropdown option from zip code to facility name, type in Keepsake, and hit the search icon. All active Keepsake auctions will be shown for all of our locations.

Tenant Auction Process

We understand sometimes our tenants have financial hardships and busy lifestyles, and we do all we can to work with our tenants. That's part of the reason we allow a 5-day grace period every month for rent due on the first. However, sometimes our tenants do not pay their rent, and fail to contact us when rent is delinquent. Therefore, we have a defined auction process to vacate the unit of its contents, and we follow the Virginia Self-Storage Act laws.

If the rent is not paid on time, the tenant will receive several alerts throughout the month via text, e-mail, phone calls, and eventually an auction letter mailed via U. S. Mail. That's why it's imperative we have your updated contact information. After 40 days of non-payment, the unit goes into auction status.

Although the Virginia Self-Storage Act allows us to take possession of the unit after 10 days, we allow up to 45 days before we cut the lock and post the contents for auction. The auction end time is displayed on and the tenant has the legal right to pay their Keepsake balance in full and stop the auction. Once the auction is over, the highest bidder assumes ownership of the contents of the unit. Keepsake staff will never disclose the contact information of the highest bidder.