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Our mission is to make self-storage rental quick, easy, and convenient. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff realizes your time is valuable; therefore, we designed a system where you can rent a unit over the phone in less than five minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lock do I need on my storage unit?
You can use any type of lock you want on your unit. However, we recommend the round disc locks.
Why would I need a temperature- controlled unit?
Temperature-controlled units are most commonly used to protect your belongings from damage that may be caused by extreme temperature changes. These temperature fluctuations can result in condensation and ultimately moisture damage. In temperature-controlled units, we maintain the temperature no lower than 55 degrees and no higher than 83 degrees. It is recommended that if you are storing antiques and collectibles, electronics, furniture, pictures, photos, or important documents that you store them in a temperature-controlled unit.
Are all your units ground level?
Yes, all of our units are ground level. We do have one location that has a loading dock, but is accessible at ground level also.
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