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All Locations Concord, VA Farmville, VA Ivor, VA Martinsville, VA Rice, VA
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Why Keepsake Storage?

Our mission is to make self-storage rental quick, easy, and convenient. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff realizes your time is valuable; therefore, we designed a system where you can rent a unit over the phone in less than five minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need help after hours?
If you have an emergency after hours, please leave us a voicemail message. If you do not leave a message, you will not get an after-hours call back. After-hours call backs are for emergencies only, such as not being able to exit the facility because of exit gate issues.
Do the units have lights?
There are lights inside the units at some locations. Most of them do not have lights.
How wide is the door opening?
Most of our medium and large units are 10 feet wide and the door opening is 8 feet wide. For our smaller units like 5x10, 5x15, 7.5x10, the door opening is 3 feet wide.
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